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St Peter


Update on Considering the Future of St Peter’s Church
On the 27 February, St Peter’s Parochial Church Council (PCC) hosted an open meeting for the local community to consider the future of the church. The meeting was attended by 14 people and we explored five key questions together, including how local people value the church (both as a building and a group of people), how the building might be used more widely by the community, and the priorities for improvements to its facilities. Those attending the meeting recognised the church as a visual presence in the centre of village with an important role in peoples’ life events: marriages, funerals, celebrations. It was also seen as welcoming, a place where people could enjoy peace and quiet. There was a strong desire to see the building more widely used by the community. There was strong support for the idea of a permanent library, as well as more events: flower festivals, plays, coffee mornings, as well as the idea of hosting a pop-up post office. Those attending the meeting felt it is important that everyone in the local area has an opportunity to shape and be involved in the of the church. To that end, an information sheet and response form has been included with your magazine this month. Please do take the time to complete this.