COMING UP our Special Events Programme for 2020:

Due to Coronavirus some events may have to be cancelled following advice from the Church of England

CANCELLED - The Roborough Revel Weekend - Friday June 26th to Sunday June 28th


Report: Plough Service & Community Lunch on Sunday 9th February 2020

Our Plough Service & Community Lunch took place in very inclement weather, heavy rain and blustery winds. So we went to plan B and decided to hold the service in the church with an old fashioned plough inside the church.  The service was a great success with Rev. Chris Pounsey from Umberleigh leading the service with Jacque Ward in support and also many thanks to David Brown for providing the musical accompainment.

Then everyone went upto the hall for a soup lunch.  The PCC would like to thank everyone for all the wonderful support you gave us.  From providing the help in the kitchen, setting out the hall, serving the drinks, making soups and desserts and cleaning up afterwards. We made £877 profit so many thanks to everyone.

Report: Christmas Roborough 2019
Our Christmas services were well attended.
First, we had the Community Rock Choir we the PCC would like to thank all of them for giving such a great performance of current songs, along with a few Christmas tunes. The acoustics at St Peter's Church was wonderful and really emphasized the songs and music. A big thank you also to the last-minute stand in trio act of Mick, Tim & David who kindly did an assortment of Carols that we could sing along to, we all enjoyed with fabulous refreshments and wine to complete a wonderful and very enjoyable evening for everyone. Thank you all £170 was the amount raised towards the church.

Next the Carol service which was taken by Rev Gary Owen, the Two Rivers Choir with Rev Tracey Doyle in charge and Ian Cornwell playing the music it made a lovely evening, we would like to thank all the readers for that evening and to all who gave refreshments.

Report: Advent activity and nativity service Roborough 2019
What a wonderful afternoon for the whole family with fun craft activities centred around the birth of Jesus followed by a beautiful Nativity Play complete with donkeys Daphne and Delilah, as always this wouldn’t be possible without the support of all those who helped and those who joined in – so a huge thank you to the activity leaders, food providers, music makers and you for being part of this afternoon!