Maundy Thursday (14th April)
High Bick: Communion   10.30am
Horwood: Communion   7.30pm
Yarnscombe: Communion   7.30pm


Good Friday (15th April)

Roborough: Children's activity morning   10.00am
St Giles: Prayer walk and reflective service 
Alverdiscott: Good Friday service   11.00am

Tawstock: All-age worship   11.00am
Beaford: Good Friday service   2.00pm
High Bick: Meditation at the cross   2.00pm
Yarnscombe: Meditation at the cross   2.30pm


Easter Day (17th April)

Newton Tracey: Family service followed by a short communion   9.30am
Beaford: Family communion   9.30am
Yarnscombe: Communion   10.00am
High Bick: Family communion   10.30am
St Giles: Communion   10.30am
Roborough: Communion   11.00am
Tawstock: Communion   11.00am
Atherington: Family Communion   4.00pm