Two Rivers




All of our churches have an 'open' churchyard, except Tawstock where a civil burial ground is situated next to the church. Every parishioner has a right to be buried, or have their ashes buried, in their churchyard. Others with a significant link to the parish may be buried at the discretion of the Rector.

Graves may be dug 'double depth' to enable a second person to be buried at a subsequent time.

Graves do not belong to the family, as in a civil cemetary. Headstones may be erected, but permission must be sought from the rector for simple memorials which conform to Diocesan regulations or by faculty from the Chancellor of the Diocese for more ornate memorials. The Diocese of Exeter graveyard regulations can be viewed here. Your stonemason should be able to advise on appropriate memorials and the application process but it is always worth talking to the clergy before commissioning a stone.

We ask that graves are kept tidy and natural flowers used. Any items which might be considered dangerous, such as bottles of alcohol, which might then be consumed by children, will be removed.

Care of our churchyards

We are very grateful when parish councils and individuals make contributions towards the cost of maintaining our churchyards. Otherwise the cost falls on the members of the congregation. 

Some areas in the churchyards are left as natural habitats for wildlife and are not just being neglected!

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