We are now resuming weekly Sunday services

From 5th July:         St Giles (10.30am)
From 12th July:       Beaford (10.00am) and High Bickington (10.30am)

From 19th July:       Newton Tracey (9.30am) and Tawstock (11.00am)
From 26th July:       Horwood (9.30am) Yarnscombe (10.00am) and Atherington (4.00pm)
From 2nd August:   Roborough (11.00am)

Newton Tracey and Horwood meet on alternate weeks

You can watch our weekly main Sunday service and an all-age collective worship on our YouTube Channel

Our vision to create a Christian community meeting each week in each parish

We are working towards each church having its own service each week. We believe it's important to gather the Christians in each community together on a weekly basis for worship, prayer, growing as disciples of Jesus and planning outreach to the community. 

Whether you are new to the villages or have lived here al your life, whether you have been a Christian for years or aren't even sure if you are a Christian, you are welcome.