Alpha course

New Year. Time to explore faith.
Try Alpha

Twelve weekly sessions
Watch a presentation about life and the Christian faith
Share your thoughts, ask your questions, listen to others
Free, informal and fun
Designed for doubters, agnostics, people of any faith or none

Newton Tracey
Wednesdays from 11th January, 10.30am-12.00noon

High Bickington Rectory
Thursdays from 12th January, 6.15-7.15pm

To book a place or find out more contact               07947358050

Topics covered:
Is there more to life than this?
Who is Jesus?
Why did Jesus die?
How can we have faith?
Why and how do I pray?
Why and how should I read the bible?
How does God guide us?
Who is the Holy Spirit and what does he do?
How can I be filled with the Spirit?
How can I resist evil?
Why and how should I tell others?
Does God heal today?
What about the church?